I started using essential oils consistently about 2 years ago as part of my ever-growing attempt to get pregnant and start our family.  While that has yet to happen, I have experienced many other life-changing impacts of using essential oils including: managing my PCOS + endometriosis symptoms with some of our hormone regulating oils {clary calm, clary sage, + geranium to name a few}, removing toxins + chemicals from our household to reduce the toxic load on both my + my husband’s bodies by replacing the brand name/store bought products we previously used with simple, homemade solutions {which is important for fertility + our reproductive organs}, and boosting my overall well-being and health in general with some proactive, and plant-based, approaches {one simple example being lemon oil in my water every morning to cleanse + detox my body}.

These oils + this company have moved me.  awakened me.  and inspired me beyond words.  There is no other company that I am more aligned with, or trust with my {and my loved one’s} health + wellness.

My purpose + my why is to share this knowledge + this work with as many people as possible to help them swap out the chemicals, the toxins, and the hormone disrupters, for natural, plant-based solutions that are safe for the whole family.  So thank you for visiting my page and allowing me to do what I love most.

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