Finding one’s clarity and purpose can sometimes be challenging by yourself. I am here to assist in life’s next big push.








your reason for being.  what you were put on this earth to do.  your soul’s song.  


Everyone has a purpose…not everyone knows, or even wants to try to figure out what it is.  For me, remaining stuck in “not knowing” what my purpose was or ignoring/avoiding my purpose wasn’t an option…although i did hide from it for a few years.  Ultimately, my intuition + self-awareness pushed me + challenged me to do the work, to sit + listen, and to allow myself to be guided throughout this process.

My hope is to reach, support + guide those of you who want to discover, identify or define your purpose…as well as those of you who already know, and need support living it every day.

Let’s find what you were put on this earth to do — let’s discover your soul’s song.  


uncovering layers.  digging deeper.  seeing + feeling the details.  imagining your dream life.


Clarity shows up in your vision + goals through a number of thoughtfully crafted + selected exercises.  The work i have created is customized to you + supports you no matter where you are at in the process: whether you love setting goals, it’s not your thing, or it scares the $hit out of you.  

There is so much power in being able to see yourself living your purpose, living your values and living your dream life with as much detail as possible.  Through this work, you will see your future as clearly as an image of an event that has already happened.  The more you dig in and participate in this practice - i.e. this is not a “one a done” or “one time only” type of work - the more you will see the magic happening.  Every time I revisit this work for myself {which is multiple times per year} I see more detail, more specifics, and it makes me feel, yes actually feel, my future.  And looking back, I can see all the goals I’ve achieved and past visions that became my present because I live this practice {not perfectly by any means…but I always come back home to it}.

I am here to support you in getting clear about what you want for your life + bringing your purpose + values to life.


ownership.  taking responsibility.  doing what you say you’re going to do.


Accountability falls into the next steps + sticking with it category.  you identified your purpose + values, you created your vision, clearly defined your goals…and now what?  

Now, I will share some best practices around holding yourself accountable to actually following through, and how to share what you’re up to with your people {you know, your tribe, the people you trust, the people who support you and aren’t afraid to tell ya you have spinach in your teeth}, so they can support you along the way.

Accountability allows you to create strong habits that will allow you to live your purpose + values and make your vision + goals a reality…and I am here to guide, share + teach how to do just that.  

The best part…this is just the beginning. 


clear + ground + get related/connected


purpose + clarity work

Values: the foundation

Vision: picture the future as clearly + with as much detail as an image of something that has already happened

Goals: these are the steps + actions you can take every single day to support you in living your purpose + living your vision

Next steps: best practices to making the work stick

Accountability: holding yourself accountable + allowing others to do the same

Detach from outcome: life’s about the journey not the destination


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